Nancy Mattheiss

Nancy Mattheiss photo

Nancy Mattheiss brings an informed and enthusiastic outlook to her work as the owner of 'Core Matters Pilates Conditioning'. Certified in 2005 through STOTT Pilates, she leads private and semi-private sessions at her studio in Northeast Seattle, as well as vibrant, inclusive group mat work classes in the community.

With her upbeat and accomplished teaching style, Nancy brings Pilates training to people of widely diverse age, shapes, and physical abilities, including yoga teachers and students, teen and adult athletes, gardeners, office professionals, and retirees. All are united in their desire for strength, flexibility, greater ease and increased vitality in their daily lives.

Motivating and down-to-earth, Nancy delivers client-appropriate workouts that bring a new sensibility to one’s established movement patterns.  Finding it deeply rewarding to guide people to a deeper connection and understanding of their bodies, Nancy has a special affinity for those motivated to recover range of motion and strength due to lasting pain, illness or surgery, having overcome chronic back pain herself.

Believing there are many streams to the river, and many profound methods that impart body awareness, she explores and draws from Hellerwork, Feldenkrais, Massage, Meditation, Facial Release, Yoga and Balance Work to bring depth and breadth to her instruction.

Nancy continues to deepen her understanding of the mechanics of movement through individual study, anatomy and kinesiology classes, advanced teacher trainings and working in conjunction with physical therapists.

Personally, Nancy finds renewal and joy through many types of movement, including Samba dance, tennis, cross country skiing and hiking above the tree line (especially on Mount Baker!). Using Pilates as the springboard, she intends to continue an active, engaged life for a very long while.