Learning and Perfecting Camera Basics

Photo by Leslie Saber

Leslie Saber, instructor of Camera Basics: What’s that Button For? says she cannot recall a time she was not drawn to the visual language of photography. “It seems I’ve always been fascinated with capturing a moment in time, to freeze right now, and then be tickled by looking at it later,” she says. “As a kid, I used my camera for that reason: to time travel.”

A Quick Hand Q&A with The World of Poker Instructor Allan Lazar

The World of Poker

For those unfamiliar, Poker is a family of card games beloved for generations.  The game continues to fascinate because it combines skill with strategy and is a means of social interaction as well as gambling. There are many, many variants to Poker but the object of the game always hinges on betting, with the winner determined by the cards of the final hand.

A Connection to Nature: An Interview with Ceramics Instructor Ciara Jackson

Ciara Jackson

Continuing Education Ceramics instructor Ciara Jackson has always had an affinity for natural things and a deep desire to work with her hands, so it is surprising to learn she began her arts education on the digital domain of the creative continuum. “I first worked with clay about a year and a half into college and I liked the idea of creating something functional and working with my hands,” she says.

Big Return on Small Investment: 1-2 Day Work for Yourself Classes

Work for Yourself

With the skyrocketing cost of living in Seattle, many are looking to supplement their full-time jobs with something part-time. Easier said than done, particularly when one considers the diminishing returns of commute times, schedule juggling and extended time away from home and family. This winter, Continuing Education offers several 1-2 day courses devoted to exploring low-impact, low-stress Work for Yourself opportunities taught by seasoned experts.

Painting with Light and the Films of John Alton

Border Incident Poster

Few early filmmakers hold the distinction of shaping how we see (both literally and figuratively) a particular film genre. Cinematographer John Alton was one such filmmaker. This winter, film noir aficionado Jon Noe looks to shed some light on a creator who taught us much about storytelling done in darkness with his new class, Film Noir - Painting with Light.

Positive Steps: Argentine Tango – Experience the Passion!


Argentine Tango – Experience the Passion instructor Michelle Badion is a social dance advocate. Having studied and taught dance in Seattle for over 20 years, she has devoted her life to spreading the joys of dance. She has also led her students in twirling over their fears and anxieties.

Intro to Chess and the Joy of a Healthy Mind


Intro to Chess: Exercising Your Brain instructor Cary Ray Easterday has a profound love of the game, with roots that stretch back to his early childhood. “My chess experience began as a child growing up in the rolling hills of Appalachia in western Maryland,” he recalls.

“We Were Often Laughing”: A Class Quest of Italian Travel Essentials

Italian Travel Essentials

CE Program Coordinator Marianne Legg is looking forward to a much-deserved vacation in Italy. In anticipation of her trip, she enrolled in Janice Brown’s Italian Travel Essentials. We asked her to share that class experience with us.

Hobby, Passion…or Career?: A Student Perspective on Life Long Learning


CE student Kirsten Wildauer refuses to coast on old information. In fact, she is determined to keep her pursuit of new ideas running in high gear until further notice. Following her BA in Fine Arts from Millikin University in Decatur, IL, Wildauer eventually found herself in Seattle, working at Voula’s Offshore Café in North Lake Union. She enjoys her job and the hearty rapport she shares with café regulars while daily looking forward to making a fresh connection with every new customer who walks through the door.

Keep the Holidays Sweet

Pumpkin pie

The holidays are upon us and a big part of the celebratory season is making and sharing delicious food and drink. It is also a perfect time to level up your culinary skills, particularly when it comes to holiday confections, desserts and pastries. Consider making your holidays that much sweater with one of these classes with Continuing Education.

Magnificently Wired Creatures: Talking about Neuroscience and Emotional Regulation

Neuroscience and Emotional Regulation

Neuroscience and Emotional Regulation instructor Hannah Smith started down the path to becoming a mental health practitioner with an exploration of her own personal challenges. “I started out as a Special Education teacher because I knew I wanted to help people and I was good with disabled classmates,” says Smith.  “I had grown up with disabilities of my own and could understand and empathize with their experience.

Report Writing and Document Design

Report Writing and Document Design

While CE writing instructor Christine DuBois looks forward to teaching her upcoming class Report Writing and Document Design, she agreed to make time in her schedule to share with us some details about how class came about, the advantages of mastering the material, and what students can look forward to learning in her class.

How do you define report writing?

Reach Out and Touch Someone: Massage Tips for Partners, Friends and Family

Massage tips

Touch is the first language we learn as infants. In the context of familial or consensual relationships, touch is vital to fostering a healthy and lasting bond between people. Studies have determined couples who are satisfied in their relationship touch each other with greater frequency. Furthermore, when we choose to initiate contact, we gain the same benefits as those in receipt of our touch.

Fully in the Moment: Bob Stahl talks about Haiku and Photography

Koi Pond photo by Robert Stahl

This fall Continuing Education photography instructor Robert Stahl brings his fondness for words and imagery to the classroom with his new class, Haiku: An Introduction. Stahl says he first became fascinated with Haiku poetry as a student in the early 1960s when he discovered a Life Magazine article about philosopher and Zen teacher Alan Watts.

Reiki, Nature and the Inner Compass

Reiki and Nature

This fall CE Reiki instructor Jennifer Capper looks forward to offering a new avenue of personal exploration for beginners and seasoned practitioners with her new course, Reiki and Nature. Capper believes her course will help participants forge a deeper connection with the natural world, while discovering a greater understanding of themselves.

Making Choices: Exploring Homeschooling Information and Qualification


Homeschooling Information and Qualification instructor Beth Rosenzweig began her career in home education with her own children in the 1980s. Feeling traditional primary grade classes were not the best fit for her children, Rosenzweig educated herself on how to successfully teach her own children. She found homeschooling to be very successful for her and her family.

Continuing Education’s 4th Annual Student Art Show Juror’s Choice Winners

2018 Student Art Show Jurors Choice Winners

North Seattle College Continuing Education 4th Annual Student Art Show opened July 17th, 2018 to a grand turnout to support some of the finest student artwork to date.

Feeling Your Way: Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

It is said there are two kinds of listeners in the world—those who listen in order to respond and those who listen to understand.

30 Days in November: The Return of NanoWriMo


November is a pivotal month for aspiring novelists. Each year at this time a worldwide community of writers come together for a single purpose—they will write a novel in 30 days. The NanoWriMo: Write a Novel in 30 Days project was created by Bay Area freelance writer Chris Baty in 1999 with a mere 21 participants, the following year 5,000 writers enrolled and the numbers have risen exponentially ever since.

The Forgiving Art of Charcoal Drawing

charcoal drawing

For years, Continuing Education art students have known Gary Georger as a ceramics instructor and studio potter, but he actually began his art studies with drawing and painting. He hopes to share this passion with students in his forthcoming class, Charcoal Drawing. “I fell into pottery as I was pursuing a BFA in painting at New Paltz University in New York,” he recalls.

NSC CE’s 2018 Annual Student Art Show People’s Choice Winner


North Seattle College Continuing Education (CE) recently concluded its 4th Annual Student Art Show with the announcement of 2018’s People’s Choice Winner Robin Goebel for her painting, Languid Blue. Goebel has been a regular student of Virginia Paquette’s courses like Painting and Abstraction and Abstract Oil Painting and Cold Wax, developing her skills and confidence, while creating unique artwork that touches the receiver in countless ways.

The Art and Science of Canning


Growing up in rural Oregon, Beginning Canning Workshop instructor Debra Basquez was indoctrinated into canning culture from early on.