Time to Refresh; Adding the New to the Known

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New Instructors and New Classes

Join us in welcoming these new instructors to Continuing Education. What a time to start! They are getting to know our program while also adapting their courses to provide meaningful, engaging opportunities for lifelong learning in an online environment. We have been inspired by their energy and commitment!

What Are You Looking Forward To?

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It can be helpful, while navigating a difficult time, to have that bright spot on the horizon. Using this time to daydream, research, and plan a trip volunteering abroad might be just the ticket. Instructor Joyce Major shared with us what students will take away from her class, 'Travel the World Volunteering', and her own takeaways from a decade of volunteering abroad. 

Separating Fact from Fiction: Media Literacy

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By Michael Coffey

How do we separate what things seem to be from what they actually are? From the first time I read a Sherlock Holmes mystery, I've been interested in answering that question. Most of us can happily go through our lives without having to solve a murder mystery, but we can apply basically the same skills to the media landscape we're in today, more than a century after Holmes and Watson wandered the streets of London.

Human Connection: My Experience Teaching During Covid19

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By Leslie J. Hall

I have taught writing classes at North Seattle College and other locations around the Northwest for over 25 years. Writing is my passion. I love words, stories, and language. I've also received much joy in sharing my love of writing with others. I am also passionate about making connections and the powerful energy that comes when creative people get together. 

Zoom, Step by Step

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Summer quarter has moved online, and for many of us, that means Zoom classrooms. While this technology connects us to our peers and instructors in much the same way as face-to-face classes, logging-in to a Zoom meeting can be a little more complicated than walking into a physical classroom.

We’ve broken down the steps for you below. We have included 2 printable/PDF flowcharts and a video that can walk you through the process.

A. If you have already downloaded the Zoom app onto your computer, use this guide:

Mimic, Repeat, and Apply

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Q & A with Japanese Language Instructor Risami Nakamura-Lambert 

Learning the basics of a language often comes naturally while traveling. Not through drills, but through casual interaction and attempts at conversation. Risami Nakamura-Lambert’s Conversational Japanese I class is for beginners with little or no Japanese background as well as those who want to brush up on speaking skills. In our Q and A, she shares her approach to teaching, the importance of maintaining language learned, and how this will all translate to an online classroom.

It's Never Too Late

Juan, Spanish teacher for Continuing Education at North in Peru

Q & A with Spanish Instructor Juan Miranda 

Learning a language right now might be the ultimate act of anticipation. Our worlds have contracted as we navigate stay-at-home orders and social distancing, but learning a language, about the culture and history of other countries, can expand our view. We will travel and connect with people directly again. Until then, vamos a aprender español! In this new environment, full of Zoom calls and face masks, we asked instructor Juan Miranda about his 35 years of teaching Spanish with Continuing Education. 


Keeping Our Spirits Up

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Moments of melancholy are natural during difficult times. While there is much about the situation we cannot change, shifting our perspective, even momentarily, can have a positive effect.

Movement At Home

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By Bri Wilson

Human beings have always danced and moved to celebrate, mourn, and heal. Now is no exception.

A Perfect Time for Ukulele

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The ukulele is experiencing a season of renewed popularity. With its happy, uplifting sound, is there any wonder why? It is also affordable, portable, and relatively easy to learn.

Art at Home: Writing

Art at Home: Writing as a creative practice when we are overwhelmed

Why write? It might seem obvious that keeping a journal during this stressful time could be beneficial. As we write out anxious feelings, we express and impose structure on what seems overwhelming. But whether you’re writing a fictional story, first-person narrative, poem, play or journal, cultivating a practice of writing may have benefits for our general well-being right now. Exercising our creativity can bring a sense of joy, pride in what we’ve created, and a sense of momentary peace. 

Making Art at Home: Drawing & Painting

Making Art at Home

Making art can focus our attention on the present moment. As you engage in a creative activity of your choosing, breathing deepens, pulse slows, and the background noise in your mind may fade. Finding the time and space to exercise our creativity, especially now, might be a welcome therapy.

Inspire your Home Office with Feng Shui

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Many of us are spending more time at home under the current stay-at-home orders than we ever have before. Besides feeling a little cooped up, we may be noticing other aspects of our living space that don’t feel quite right.

Trauma Impacts and COVID-19

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The current situation is something that is unprecedented in most of our lives, scary and possibly overwhelming, at least on occasion. It is the term “overwhelming” that opens our eyes to seeing the current situation through a trauma lens.

Preparing for Your Online Class

Online art classAs we enter spring quarter in a new mode of instruction, we want to offer you support for online learning. Here are some tips to help make your virtual learning experience as smooth as possible: 

Mindfulness Practices That Soothe Stress and Anxiety

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It is normal to be scared and even paralyzed in the midst of so much uncertainty around the Coronavirus (COVID-19). That’s where simple mindfulness practices can help us stay grounded and connected despite recommendations for social distancing. Deep breathing and mindful movement can slow anxiety, stave off depression and stabilize the nervous system. Reaching out to others can boost our sense of connection, increase oxytocin (the love hormone), and maintain our equilibrium so we can help others along the way.  

Continuing Connection: Writing Instructor Christine Dubois on Creating Community while Teaching Onli...

Student on computer screen
I taught my first online class, Publishing Your E-Book, on March 16. Like educators around the world, I spent the week before in crash trainings on using Zoom, Canvas, and other online resources.

Continuing Education and COVID-19 FAQs

Are spring classes going to be cancelled?
At this time, we are reviewing spring classes that will be impacted by the on-going COVID-19 situation. We will be working with the instructor to determine if the class can be moved to an online format or postponed to start at a later date. If neither of these options is possible, then we will need to make a decision to cancel the class for spring. We will make every effort, via phone and email, to update students as soon as we are aware of any changes to the status of a class.

Put Yourself Out There for a Reason: Social Media and Small Business

Photo courtesy of Tracy Le Blanc

It may come as a surprise that a successful instructor and small businessperson like Michele Sweeney was not always a fan of social media. In fact, during the dawning days of platforms like Facebook, Sweeney was reluctant to commit her energy to the social media sphere.

Authenticity, Integrity and Leadership for People of Color

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In a recent article in The Economist, Art Hopkins of executive advisory firm Russell Reynolds Associates identified how corporations invite failure by not seeking out People of Color (POC) to fill integral roles within their firms.

Discover the Ease of Self-Publishing Your e-Book

Photo by Retha Ferguson

A passion for DIY publishing is written into CE writing instructor Christine Dubois’ DNA. “I grew up around self-publishing,” she says. “My mom (now 94 and still writing) self-published several books on quilting. In those days, you had to pay for the printing and buy a huge number of books and store them in the garage.

Firing Together: Discussing Neuroplasticity and Neurosculpting

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According to international educator Vija Rogozina, our brains are not the rigid mechanisms we tell ourselves, in fact our minds are tremendously flexible—something she means to explore in her upcoming CE class, Neuropl

Taking the Mystery Out of Reading Music

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Unlike many professional musicians who were immersed in lessons from childhood, How to Read Music instructor Doug Zangar did not hear the call until early adulthood. “I was a late bloomer, prior to college I mostly played in a high school garage band and took some guitar lessons,” he says.

Making Etsy Your Marketplace

Getting Your Etsy Shop Up and Running

Established in 2005, Etsy is a unique online marketplace devoted to handmade and vintage items and, to a lesser extent, unique factory-made items. Over the years, Etsy has expanded to become a thriving online community comprised of over 1.7 million active artists, crafters and makers catering to at least 28 million customers.

Finding Your Voice as a Writer

Photo by Lisa Fotios

One of the biggest challenges that writers face early on is finding their own unique voice. Indeed, writing is a grueling process that will leave you feeling lost most of the time. Well, the good news is that this does get better. With a little time and effort, you'll find yourself getting more comfortable with writing.