Classes that Promote Purpose, Growth and Creativity

Classes that Promote Purpose, Growth and Creativity

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Classes that Promote Purpose, Growth and Creativity

Creativity comes in many forms. It is the land of endless possibility and a completely unique part of who you are. Everyone is creative. Whether you think you are or not, you are. Once recognized and acknowledged you can find ways to use your creativity for personal growth. Check out these great classes at North that promote purpose, growth and creativity. Fall quarter starts Sept 27th, enroll now!

Life Transitions in these Changing Times

Changes abound. If you find yourself amid a life transition, you’re not alone. Coach, facilitator and Instructor, Mariko Navin is committed to helping individuals clarify, pursue and achieve the important and meaningful desires of their lives. Her Life Transitions in These Changing Times class will teach you about the nature of change and transitions and help you explore your own situation and apply new ideas to support your transition. If you’re ready to make sense of and manage your transition, enroll in her class today! Enroll Now!

Astrology for Personal Growth

Astrology is so much more than knowing your sign. Living in the times we do; we need more tools for understanding ourselves and the world. Instructor Amanda Moreno is a therapeutic astrologer, soul worker and writer. In her two-part class, Amanda will teach you how to work with your natal chart as a living map and tool for social consciousness. Enroll today in her Astrology for Personal Growth Part 1 class. Enroll Now!

Photography Basics & Intermediate Techniques

It’s been said that one picture is worth a thousand words. Photography Instructor Robert Stahl knows this better than anyone. His work has appeared in both Eastman Kodak and National Geographic publications, and he is represented by Getty Images. Why not learn how to capture life’s moments with one of Robert’s photography classes. Whether you just want to learn the basics or are looking for intermediate techniques, his class have something to offer novices and skilled students. Enroll Now!

Writing True Crime

Do you have a writing project started but could use some professional support? Or perhaps you’d like to learn how to write a best-selling true crime novel? If you answered yes to either, our Writing True Crime class is for you!  The market for true crime writing in publishing, television, documentaries and podcasts has never been hotter. So come join New York Times best-selling true crime author Rebecca Morris in her process focused class where she’ll give you the tools to research, explore and define your true crime topic of interest. Enroll Now!

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