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Jon Noe

Jon Noe

Jon Noe has been watching and studying film noir for over thirty years. He realized there was something dark, cynical and utterly fascinating about this style of filmmaking when he saw The Third Man at age 19. His goal is to highlight lesser known noir films that are in need of rediscovery. He produces and hosts The Juke Joint radio show on KSER 90.7 FM featuring 1940's and 50's rhythm and blues. You can also find him programming and hosting Film Noir Thursdays at The Historic Everett Theatre.

Courses Taught

Film Noir in the Atomic Age

As the H-bomb, the red scare and cold war anxieties were capturing headlines, the paranoia and disillusion of post-war America resonated throughout the cinema’s film noir cycle. Join us in the fallout shelter as we explore Hollywood's take on film noir through the atomic age with The Atomic City (1952), Split Second (1953), The Thief (1952), Shack Out On 101 (1955), and Kiss Me Deadly (1955).

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Tu 7pm–9pm Jan 16Feb 13 (5 sessions) $85.00
On Campus: LB Bldg, Room 1131 (Main Campus, Map)
9600 College Way North Seattle WA 98103
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