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Meet “Foci” designed by Jenny Messerle


•Pronounced “FOH-SHAY”

•Foci is plural for focus.

•Foci can be seen as a person or animal. It depends on the viewer‘s interpretation or preference. 

•The arrow represents aspiration and focus. The stars symbolize self-confidence.

•The blue and green represent Seattle, its lakes, the Puget Sound, the evergreen trees, and the grassy parks. Plus, blue and green are Seahawks' colors.  

The overall design reminds me that I can achieve anything I want in my life. I just need to stay focused on my dreams and believe that my dreams are possible.” - Jenny Messerle

About the Designer

Jenny MesserleJenny Messerle is a writer, designer and cartoonist. Her recent book, I am a Golden Buddha: A Journey from Self-Criticism to Inner Peace is now available through Amazon.

Learn more about Jenny’s work by visiting or follow her on Instagram at jennymesserle. Look for her original t-shirt, mug and tote bag designs at