You Can Tell Stories!

Join others who are finding their voice, collecting their words, standing up and telling stories! Whether you want to use storytelling in your work or for personal enjoyment, this fun and supportive class will help you develop and practice your oratory talents and stage presence. We begin by learning methods of telling stories without memorization and putting those skills to practice. By the final class, you will be working on a polished, 10-minute presentation. Class includes story structure and skills for telling, small group work, and weekly storytelling presentations by students. Attending local events will be encouraged. By participating in the class all students will earn a year’s membership in the Seattle Storytellers Guild!

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  • Fee: $99
  • Item #: 7108
  • Winter 2019

  • This class is already in session. Please contact our office at or 206-934-3705 to inquire about late registration.

The materials and methods we practiced were fun and engaging. The instructor was knowledgeable and supportive. I liked how she structured the class and the various practices and homework.