Yoga for Older Adults

What needs fixing, refinement and upkeep If you have yearned to try yoga but have been discouraged because you think you are too old, your body type is wrong, or you suffer from health issues, this class is for you! Whole health comes from working on exercises for posture, strength, flexibility, and breath awareness. This course if for beginning and continuing yoga students. Bring a yoga mat to class. Class includes membership to the Wellness Center.

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  • Fee: $95
  • Item #: 7073
  • Please note: The class dates have been changed to Thursday, 2/14 to 3/21/19.
  • Winter 2019

  • This class is already in session. Please contact our office at or 206-934-3705 to inquire about late registration.

Tara is an excellent Inyenger yoga instructor. Very receptive to special needs and very good at explaining how a pose should feel to help you get the most from it and to know you are doing it right. She is also helpful with warnings if we are doing a pose in a way that can hurt or create damage to joints.

- Karen