Intermediate Spanish Conversation 3 - Meeting Online

Move forward with your Spanish speaking skills and increase your listening comprehension of the Spanish language as it is naturally used in conversation. Build vocabulary for contexts that reflect a wide variety of situations related to sports and outdoor activities; business and job interviews; and media and the arts. You will also continue enhancing your knowledge of the subjunctive mode and prepositional phrases. As always, we will include a cultural component that will explore Latin American literature, history, music, and current events. Learn from a native speaker with over 15 years of experience teaching Spanish as a second language. This is an immersive class conducted in Spanish and ideal for intermediate students.See Textbook and Supply List for textbook information.

Not sure if this is the right level for you? Take this self-test. You do not have to complete all of it, but if you are able to understand most of the contents, you are most likely ready for this level.

  • Fee: $215
  • Item #: 7330
  • No class 11/11/20.
    Required book: Cómo se dice, 10th edition. By Ana Jarvis. BUY PDF VERSION OR USED ONLINE; NOT AVAILABLE AT NSC BOOKSTORE. No more than $40.00.
  • Fall 2020

  • This class is already in session. Please contact our office at or 206-934-3705 to inquire about late registration.
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