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Finding the Work You Love, Finding the Life You Love

Finding the Work You Love is about finding YOU—your creativity and zest for life! Find what makes your heart sing and build your life around it! This course delves into four explorations: How to discover what fulfills you; How to translate what you enjoy into real-life opportunities. What obstacles stop you from pursuing your dreams? And how do you deal with these obstacles? A $15 materials fee is due to instructor on first day of class.

For an inside look at this class, read Finding the Work You Love: Discovering your passion and career.

What students are saying:

"Subhan was a treasure - completely different than anything I expected. The class went deep. Really more about living your dream life than finding your dream job (in a good way). Not the usual self-help class/instructor. This one will stick with me." - Elizabeth

"[It] helped me figure out what I want to do with my life. I made the decision and am on the path with a new job that is something I love to do, I have goals and direction and it feels great!" - Thomas

Scheduled Classes

We 7pm–9pm Jan 17Mar 7 (8 sessions) $145.00
On Campus: CC Bldg, Room 3350 (Main Campus, Map)
9600 College Way N Seattle WA 98103
A $15 course materials fee will be due to instructor on first day of class.
Winter Quarter
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