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Excel PivotTables and Data Crunching


Advanced Excel users will greatly benefit from a top-to-bottom examination of PivotTables to take data analysis to the next level. Learn the origin of Pivots and basic techniques for creating and customizing Pivots to your needs. Jump into advanced techniques, including performing calculations, re-mapping source data, accommodating disparate data sources, using macros to enhance your PivotTables and Reverse Pivots. Course materials included. Not recommended for Mac users. (Excel Level 3 or equivalent experience recommended.) Please bring a memory stick or flash drive to class.

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Scheduled Classes

Sa 9am–4pm Dec 2 (1 session) $159.00
On Campus: LB Bldg, Room 3129D (Main Campus, Map)
9600 College Way North Seattle WA 98103
Fall Quarter
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