Zoom, Step by Step

zoom browser guide how to use for conferencing

Summer quarter has moved online, and for many of us, that means Zoom classrooms. While this technology connects us to our peers and instructors in much the same way as face-to-face classes, logging-in to a Zoom meeting can be a little more complicated than walking into a physical classroom.

We’ve broken down the steps for you below. We have included 2 printable/PDF flowcharts and a video that can walk you through the process.

A. If you have already downloaded the Zoom app onto your computer, use this guide:

Zoom Guide Step by Step

B. If you use Zoom from a web browser like Chrome or Firefox, use this guide:



C. You can view a video below with step by step instructions: 

zoom help video

Meeting on Zoom keeps us connected while we’re apart. But just as learning has moved online, so has everything else. Logging on to Zoom call after Zoom call can be overwhelming and exhausting. Here are a few tips to manage “Zoom fatigue.”

  1. Build in breaks. Follow the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, look 20 feet away for 20 seconds.Take time to move your body: stretch, bounce, do some jumping jacks. 
  2. Zoom calls contain multitudes of onscreen stimuli. Your brain has to process multiple backgrounds, faces (including your own), and sounds at once. To reduce the stimuli, you can hide your own video. Ask your classmates if they would be willing to choose simple backgrounds to minimize mental strain. 
  3. Practice self-compassion. We are not learning or working from home: we are at home, during a crisis, trying to learn and work.

If you have questions about accessing your Zoom classroom, please email us at CE North SeattleCollege