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Spring Cleaning: How Do I Get Rid of It?

Clothes that don't fit... Outdated computers... Assorted junk... How do I get rid of it? This is the all-time most asked question of any organizer, and here for your spring clean-out pleasure is a list that will tell you how to offload most any item discovered in your attic, garage or craft room.


What not to do:

You may want to give things to people or institutions you know personally – but this is not always possible. Garage sales are a lot of work, and still require you to deal with all the leftovers.

You might notice that this list does not include consignment shops. The vast majority of people, while they WANT to sell the valuable clothing lurking in their closets, rarely ever get them out the door. Making money from consignment requires effort so let's get real: it's not going to happen.

Resources for Decluttering:


King County What do I do with.

Clothing and Household Goods:

Northwest Center

Jubilee Center

Goodwill Industries

Salvation Army

Computer Recycling:


Electronics in General and Appliances:

King County Electronics Recycling

GE Appliance Donations

Building Materials:

Treehugger Salvage


Half Price Books: You can get more $$ from Third Place, but they won’t take everything. Half Price will donate what they won’t pay for.

Gold, Silver, China, Jewelry:

Sound Gold Buyers: I had a lovely experience here with Ben Robbins, who confirmed that my silver plate was worthless. It’s worth checking though, a large silver tray can be worth as much as $400!

Northgate Rare Coin

Classic Replacements: These people buy and sell your missing or extra china and silver patterns.

Antique Appraisers:

Hannah’s Attic Estate Sales

Singer Galleries

Stuteville Antiques


Donate a Car 2 Charity

Washington Council for the Blind


Residential Shredding Services

Shred Stop

Various Resources for Hoarding Issues, ADD Resources, including therapists, elder services and more:

ADD Resources

Anxiety and Stress Reduction Clinic

Children of Hoarders

Senior Services

Choice Advisory

These sites offer more creative ways to offload things, some are exchanges, and others involve choices about privacy and community:

Seattle Freecycle

Seattle Tacoma Craig’s List

King CountyOnline Materials Exchange

Estate Sale Services

And Finally JUNK removal:

These places will often take appliances, and are careful to recycle or refurbish what they can.

Use small, local companies! The big GotJunk trucks will cost a LOT MORE!

Happy Hauler

Busby Junk Removal

And last, even though we all hate to contribute to waste: PLEASE remember that anything not fit to be donated or recycled belongs in a landfill, not your home. And remember, many things will simply disappear if you place them on the curb with a FREE notice.

Need help tackling clutter and organizational chaos? Check out Rebecca Ross’ Personal Organizing and Clutter Clearing class, starting March 12th.


What about someone selling FOR you?

What about someone selling FOR you?

Someone with experience on Craigslist, eBay, Amazon, etc.? 

Is there a place local to Seattle/Eastside that does this? 

Thank you!