Preparing for Your Online Class

Online art classAs we enter spring quarter in a new mode of instruction, we want to offer you support for online learning. Here are some tips to help make your virtual learning experience as smooth as possible: 

Please download Zoom in advance and start familiarize with it.

How to join a Zoom meeting 

A guide to using Zoom 

Virtual classroom etiquette 

Using Zoom on a mobile device 

If you can, try to create a dedicated study space that’s quiet, organized, and comfortable.  

Keep water and healthy snacks on hand to keep your brain and body fueled. 

Take study breaks when you need it. Move your body, take some deep breaths, step outside for a breath of fresh air. 

Be patient with yourself—adjusting to online learning is a big change. Give yourself the freedom to experience some bumps along the way; your classmates and instructors are likely experiencing the same challenges.  


If you need additional help, check out the links below: 

Online tutoring: