New Classes for Spring!

New Classes for Spring text

We've added twenty-one new classes for spring! That’s a number to rival a pre-pandemic quarter. But our students continue to come back to us for virtual classes and we have responded, offering new experiences, perspectives, and skill-building opportunities. Learn what it takes to get started in audiobook narration, rewrite 2020 with a comedic twist, dive into fiction by and about women, or add new recipes to the rotation. And that's just the beginning! With your continued support and input, we're able to develop new learning opportunities each quarter. Find your class and mark your calendar: spring quarter registration opens Monday, March 1st! 

Instructor Dawn Groves will guide you to Work Smarter with Microsoft Teams by providing you with a Group of Volunteerscomprehensive summary of the platform and teaching you how to pull a team together; communicate with team members easily; upload and edit files; and more!

If you manage volunteers, work with a team of volunteers, or are a volunteer, you won't want to miss Volunteer Management! Learn what attracts volunteers to serve, keeps them coming back, and makes their volunteer experience satisfying with Instructor Virginia Lang.

Take your basic understanding of social media as a tool to achieve your small business objectives to the next level with Intro to Social Media Part 2. Learn intermediate features of Instagram while developing skills to organize your content, create videos, design ads, and more with Instructor Michele SweeneyPerson at recording microphone

Did you know that most audiobooks are recorded in home studios? Learn everything you need to get started narrating, engineering, and producing with Intro to Audiobook Narration and Production at Home. Join this class and find out why Instructor Rebecca Lee won the "Most Inspiring Instructor" award at North Seattle College for 2015-2016!

Explore the many ways playwrights create interesting, truthful characters and dynamic stories with Playwriting I. Join award winning playwright Elizabeth Heffron and learn to tell stories using actors with powerful objectives, living in specific moments in time. This class is offered in partnership with Freehold Theater.

Learn and practice the fundamentals of comedy writing in Creative Writing: Comedy with Instructor Nels Challinor. Bring your wacky quarantine adventures, your absurdist slam-poetry, or your political satire! Class open to writers of all levels and anyone with a funny story to tell, which is everyone.

Hone your story ideas and refine your writing skills with Dazzling Drafts: Fiction Works in Progress. This hands-on class will provide essential support while you strengthen scenes, better develop characters, and address problem areas with Instructor Leslie Hall

Take your drawing skills to the next level with Introduction to Drawing II. Advance your approach to creating still lifes, as well as working from landscape and the figure, as Instructor Sarah Norsworthy guides you to Person Drawing explore concepts of space, light, and form.

Make beautiful hand-pressed prints at home with minimal tools in Printmaking at Home. Learn the basics and then some helpful tips to create multi-color prints that can also be used in collage or as greeting cards, wrapping paper, and more with Instructor Nico Inzerella

Explore creativity in midlife and beyond with It's Never Too Late to Begin Again: A Julia Cameron Journey, Part 1. Revisit previous dreams, begin new projects, and rewrite futures in Part I of this course with Instructor Victoria JohnSenior creativity

Instructor Victoria John will be your guide on an exploration of Twentieth Century Art: Abstraction 1950-Present, a period when artists departed from portraying reality to instead focusing on using color, shape, form and line to capture their inner spirit and achieve their effect. Start with Abstract Expressionism before studying the variations in this style through contemporary mainstream and fringe multicultural abstract artists.

Instructor CJ Carter, fresh from an international artist residency focusing on surface decoration, brings their experience and ideas to you with Ceramic Sculpture: More Techniques. Take your ceramic sculpture to the next level in this class for both beginners and advanced level students.

Develop skills with an essential photography workflow tool, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, to organize, process, and show your work with ease. Instructor Alan Sanders will demonstrate cataloging, and processing images to bring out their full potential.

Gain a broader understanding of jazz genres and historical icons with Instructor Fred Radke, a musician who's worked with many of the greats in venues all over the world. Learn about the new genres, where they came from and who's performing them now in the History of Jazz - 1950 to Present.

Create a dynamic interior space and refine it with the right colors, patterns and textures with Interior Design Fundamentals. Instructor and award-winning interior designer Fran Bernstein will guide you, step by step.

Explore spring additions to our Kitchen Kicks - Sweet and Savory Sessions with Chef Michele! Make Cast Iron Pizzabeautiful and delicious chocolate confections without using tempered chocolate in Chocolate Without a Temper. Learn the ins and outs of cast iron cooking with Cast Iron Pizza. Or engage the whole family in transforming a regular round cake into a wonderful family memory with Bunny Cake Fun!

Revel in the colorful world of bird migration while developing skills in visual identification and birding by ear with Birding: The Spring Migration. Discover local hotspots for the best that the season has to offer in this two-session class with Instructor Penny Rose.  

Gather even more birds into your flock with the four-session Spring Birds of Washington: An In-Depth Look with Instructor David Kaynor. Geared toward beginning and intermediate birders, topics include Cedar Waxwingidentification of species, habitats, locations, tools and techniques, and birding ethics.

Get to know women writers from varying cultural, historical and geographical contexts with Literary Women: Literature By and About Women. Instructor Victoria John will facilitate a discussion of the conceptual and material conditions of a woman’s life that offer a better understanding of how gender and power enable women to act as agents of change.

What classes would you like to see offered in the future? Share your class suggestions here.