Keeping Our Spirits Up

Hot air balloon lifting our spirits

Moments of melancholy are natural during difficult times. While there is much about the situation we cannot change, shifting our perspective, even momentarily, can have a positive effect.

So here in Continuing Ed we’re focusing some energy this week on the things that lift us up. We’re feeling inspired by nature and spring growth; enjoying sweet flavors we love; laughing in silliness with our pets and children; feeling grateful for the support and comfort of relationships. These things cannot take away the fear of illness or economic uncertainty. But dedicating a few moments to things that bring us joy can help us manage our stress, nurture our well-being, and refocus on brighter days ahead. 


Christy on a sunny walk with family

"As a transplant to the PNW from Texas by way of NYC, the beauty of seeing the mountains and the water never ceases to amaze me. Daily walks to Richmond Beach are a must. I need the exercise and to see the view! Most of the time I go with my family which makes that time even more special. When we pass others out walking, I’ve noticed more people greeting each other with a friendly ‘hello’ and a smile more now than ever before. This situation seems to have thawed the ‘Seattle freeze'."

- Christy Isaacson, Director



Marianne and her chocolate


"One of my strategies for survival is my garden, which is at its peak now and will continue at peak through June, so that's a blessing. Also chocolate, and I don't mean a little--yes, I hoarded. And also my partner, Bob, who makes me laugh uproariously at least once a day. To all of you in our community, also in lockdown, who are making the world safer for all of us--you are heroes too--thank you!”

- Marianne Legg, Programming Specialist



Natalia soaking up the sun


"I’m not having a difficult time keeping my spirits up during this time. It has developed a great balance between work, family, fitness and fun!”

- Natalia Tiosova, Customer Service Specialist



Oralea in the park


“After several weeks of adjusting (and readjusting) our work and homeschool schedules, we’ve finally found a routine that seems to be working. My favorite part of the day is always our trip to the park. Rain or shine, at 10:00 a.m. my daughter grabs her roller skates and we head down the hill. Watching her challenge herself, realize every day she’s getting better and stronger, seeing her confidence grow, has been incredibly uplifting.”

- Oralea Howard, Interim Marketing Specialist 



Carol and her seedlings


“Gardening has always been a joy for me and seeing seedlings peer out from the soil this season has been doubly so. In addition to veggies this spring, I have a whole bed that will be just sunflowers, all different kinds of them. In the picture the little red circles are where the seeds have just started to surface. I think sunflowers are a smile disguised as a flower. I hope it will please others as much as it will me.” 

- Carol Bolt, Office Assistant


Briannas bleeding heart garden



“I've been learning to identify the flowers and plants I see on my daily walks. Knowing their names helps anchor me in a sense of place, and learning something new every day keeps my curiosity and wonder alive. Taking a moment to study a flower lets me step outside of my often frantic thoughts and allows me to practice being present in my body as it exists in relation to the living world around me.” 

- Brianna Wilson, Office Assistant 



photo credit: Skitterphoto