ctcLink and Continuing Education: FAQ

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Over the last few years, the Washington State Community and Technical College system has been migrating to ctcLink to allow the 34 colleges to better serve students across the state. Although the impact to students taking only Continuing Education classes is minimal, we want to help answer questions you may have about the new system. Starting on February 22, 2021 North Seattle College will convert to the new ctcLink system. Because we are moving into a completely new environment, registration for spring has been delayed until the beginning of March. 

Q: What is ctcLink?

A: ctcLink is a PeopleSoft enterprise resource planning system that will integrate data across Seattle Colleges and the state's community and technical college system.

Q: Does this affect how I register for CE classes?

A: No, students taking a class with Continuing Education will continue to register directly with our program at learnatnorth.org. You will not register, add or drop classes in ctcLink.

Q: Will anything change for me as a CE student?

A:  Yes, if you are a current student, you will be assigned a new ID number on March 1, 2021a ctcLink ID—and, after launch, all new incoming students will receive a ctcLink ID. This new ID will be used whether you register for classes at North Seattle College or one of the other Seattle Colleges, as well as at all Washington community and technical colleges.

Q: Will I need to do anything to activate my new ctcLink ID?

A: No. You will register for a CE class through our website as you have in the past. Our office will look up your ctcLink ID and term activate you to complete your registration and payment. You will only need to activate your ctcLink ID if you are also taking academic classes which require you to register through ctcLink. Note: if there are other functions where you will need to use ctcLink, we will send you the information on how to activate your ctcLink ID and login to the system. However, in most cases, CE students will not need to login to that system.

Q: Will I still use my SID when I register for classes?

A: No. After you register for a class with Continuing Education, your new ctcLink ID will be included in your confirmation email. You will use your ctcLink  ID for all future registrations.

Q: Does logging in to Canvas change?
A: Students, faculty, and staff will continue to use Canvas, our learning management system (LMS). Faculty and staff will continue to use their current login. Students can also continue using their SID to login to ctcLink, but they will be encouraged to use their new ctcLink ID (EMPLID). New students without a SID will only use their ctcLink ID (EMPLID) to access Canvas.