On Campus Class Favorites Returning Fall Quarter

Class Favorites Returning Fall Quarter

The start of fall quarter is almost upon us, and we are excited to announce that some of your favorite classes are back to meeting in person on campus! Registration for fall quarter officially begins Aug 2nd and here is just a preview of some of your favorites being offered.

Abstract Watercolors

Instructor: Virginia Paquette
Class Starts: 9/30/2021
This class will focus on the elements of design, color and harmony, line and shape while creating an exciting and compelling painting that expresses a personal inner vision. Read more about this class!

Collage and Abstraction

Class Starts: 9/30/2021
Instructor: Virginia Paquette
This class provides the space and framework to create some fun and compelling collage art through demos of design basics, painting and collaging techniques. No previous experience required. Read more about this class!

Abstract Oils with Cold Wax Medium

Class Starts: 10/1/2021
Instructor: Virginia Paquette
Discover a new creative medium by combining the classic, rich surfaces of oil painting with the translucent depth and varied textures of cold wax. Read more about this class!

Painting and Abstraction with Acrylics

Class Starts: 10/2/2021
InstructorVirginia Paquette
Discover the art of modern life: learn a new way of thinking and seeing and create dynamic abstract paintings (using acrylics). Read more about this class!

Beginning Jewelry Fabrication

Class Starts: 9/27/2021
Instructor: Aaron Scofield
Learn basic metal fabrication and silver soldering techniques used in creating finished jewelry pieces. Read more about this class!

Intermediate and Advanced Jewelry Workshop

Class Starts: 10/2/2021
Instructor: Aaron Scofield
Learn multi-step soldering, stone setting, forming and finishing techniques that will help make your elaborate jewelry design ideas a reality. Read more about this class!

Jazz Ensemble

Class Starts: 9/29/2021
Instructor: Fred Radke
This class combines talents of professional and student musicians in the big-band experience. Read more about this class!

Strength and Conditioning

Class Starts: 9/28/2021
Instructor: Carolyn Brenith 
Get fit and have a blast. Using your body weight, this instructor- led, real-time workout offers community and accountability to meet your fitness goals. Read more about this class!

Beginning Tai Chi

Class Starts: 10/2/2021
Instructor: Dennis Sharp
Learn one of the best forms of low-impact exercise for health and longevity. Increase flexibility and strength by learning this slow flowing movement meditation.  Read more about this class!

Continuing Tai Chi: Grasping the Sparrow's Tail 2

Class Starts: 10/2/2021
Instructor: Dennis Sharp
Partner drills and beginning pushing hands enhance each student’s comprehension of the subtle and profound nature of Tai Chi Chuan. Read more about this class!

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