2020 Student Art Exhibition People's Choice Award Winner

Greigel with charcoal art work

Joseph Géigel's charcoal piece, “Fuego Bajo Luna”, inspired many admiring comments and even more votes for the People’s Choice Award in the North Seattle College Continuing Education 2020 Student Art Exhibition. 

"Great illumination technique and composition. Made me feel the campfire."
"It's soft and peaceful, but also crackling and lively.  Feel like I'm getting invited to sit at the fire!" 
"Me hace remontarme a tiempos especiales."
"Me gusto la forma de los árboles que parecen como si bailaran frente a la luna."
"The feeling of solitude and wonder."

The scene, mood, and technique drew viewers into the piece, away from current realities. We asked Géigel to share with us more about his background, experience, and inspiration. 

What first drew you to classes with NSC Continuing Education?

After completing my graduate studies, I had some extra time available to spend exploring other interests. The courses at NSC Continuing Education were a great opportunity for me to discover and develop an interest in visual arts. I have a pretty busy working schedule, and it would not have been possible for me to do this if NSC Continuing Education did not provide evening classes, so I appreciated that opportunity.

Did you come to CE art classes with any kind of background in the arts, or was this your first exploration?

I am happy to say that this was my first exploration with art classes, and that it was an enriching experience. I had never used charcoal to draw before, but I learned how to use it in my Introduction to Drawing class and, since then, it has become my favorite medium. 

Please tell us what the creative environment in CE art classes is like for you. Did you feel supported and encouraged? 

The CE Introduction to Drawing class with Sarah Norsworthy provides a comfortable environment where students have access to a variety of resources, including a great collection of objects that students can use as references for their drawings. These material resources are fundamental for an effective creative environment. The guidance and encouragement of instructor Norsworthy, in combination with all the resources that are made available to the student, are of great value to foster new skills and techniques.

Please tell us where you found your inspiration for your piece, “Fuego Bajo Luna”?

One of the objects available in the classroom as a reference for drawings was a pinecone. When I started working on “Fuego Bajo Luna”, the idea was to use the pine cone as a reference to draw other pine cones and a few trees. While I was drawing the pine cone, I noticed that its shape was similar to a campfire, and the idea of a campfire under the Moon was comforting.

This piece was created in Introduction to Drawing with Sarah Norsworthy.

Are you currently enrolled in a CE art class? Remember work done in class is eligible for consideration for next year’s Student Art Show.