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Continuing Education's 4th Annual Student Art Show

On July 17th, 2018, North Seattle College Continuing Education (CE) opens its 4th Annual Student Art Show showcasing artwork produced by CE students over the last year. Attendees can look forward to seeing work done in ceramics, drawing, glass, jewelry, painting, Imagephotography and even comics.  Numerous talented artists have found limitless inspiration and support through the CE art program, making the Annual Student Art show a perfect culmination of a tremendous amount of creativity and self-discovery.

Each year, a panel of judges comprised of staff and instructors determine the award winners. As we look forward to this year’s show, we asked past art show winners to share with us their impressions and insights about the CE program and our instructors.  

“I still think fondly of that first class in Abstract Drawing given by Virginia Paquette,” says Stephen T. Thompson, 2nd Place Winner (2015). “It was quite a revelation. And although I have taken classes subsequently, I have not encountered the equal of Virginia's method of instruction in terms of depth and breadth. Many of the principles which she presented stay with me to this day. I should also remark on her excellent managing of the class environment, which also contributed to my success.”

“Liz Duarte and Gary Georger provide great technical support but also inspire you to ‘just figure it out’ on your own,” says Chris Barker, 2nd Place Winner (2016).  “Much of the craft of ceramics is about discovery and self-learning.  Practice and ‘failures’ are at the core of any Imagecraft.  You can't be attached to the outcome and must really enjoy the process. Everyone's process is unique and to watch other students and instructors evolve over the years is very fascinating.  The craft can be very isolating when done alone, but to have a community of like-minded folks really keeps you inspired and expanding.”

“For the last several years I have taken Jewelry Open Studio where students bring in unique projects according to their interests,” says Karen Earl, 1st Place Winner (2016). “The Jewelry Open Studio instructors are great because they bring a wide set of technical metal working knowledge and skills to support each student's individual project.  The classroom is a collaborative environment where students learn both from instructor input as well as observing and talking with other students."

“I have taken art at NSC CE for 6-7 years. It is rare to find classes in abstraction, and CE has offered me a broad variety of abstract drawing and painting classes,” says Judith O’Neal, 3rd Place Winner (2017). “I've done mostly watercolor, but acrylics, oil and soft pastels, collage, graphite and inks have all graced my easel. The students and teachers have always been very encouraging and inclusive. One student will have a degree in art of some sort like graphic design, landscaping or lighting, and they sit next to someone picking up a brush for the first time and it works! We are all here for the sheer joy of it. I knew I was making progress on the basic understanding of my art, but to receive the recognition a show prize gave me, at 70 years old I could finally say ‘I guess I can paint’.” 

The opportunity to bring together students with varying degrees of experience is a key factor to the success of the CE arts programs, evidence one can look forward to seeing at this year’s Student Art Show. “I have no formal prior art background. I was a seamstress, did some ceramics, etc, but I was sure I could not draw,” says O’Neal. “Abstraction gave me an Imageopportunity to explore painting from a less judgmental and more open and expressive place. It was about what I saw in my mind's eye. The instructor set up the parameters of a project. The great variety of works the students created allowed for the differing skill levels. We learned from those differences as much as from the lesson plans. I think it is one of the great things about taking continuing education classes.

“It's a great program!” says Barker. “It gives people community and provides the resources for those that don't have the equipment and studio space place to create.”

“In short, that class was one of the best investments I've made,” says Thompson. “In fact, the thing I miss most about Seattle is NSC's CE program. I've taken other NSC CE courses, as well, and they were all, with one exception, game-changers for me. I realize that the CE program is the result of many people working behind the scenes to make it a success, so I want to thank them all for the positive impact the CE program has provided.”

Learn more about CE’s 4th Annual Student Art Show.



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